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Never Forget

No clue what I really learned in each grade, but I can tell you this:

Kindergarten - Sr. Rosemary (not very nice - very strict - pulled our ears)

Grade 1 - Miss Kalb (beautiful smile - always willing to help us - loved us)

Grade 2 - Mr. Mac (told me I was the best kickball player in the history of the school)

Grade 3 - Mr. Draus (Moved me to the Blue Reading group because he told me I was ready)

Grade 4 - Mrs. Loewen - (never smiled - snarled at us - rolled her eyes a lot - smelled like smoke)

Grade 5 - Mrs. Domeyer (sweet, kind and had a great laugh)

Grade 6 - Mr. Clewell (creepy. very.)

Grade 7 - Mr. DeSanti (worst classroom management in the world)

Grade 8 - Mrs. Wilgenbush (no nonsense and we all wanted to impress her)

They will remember you one way or another. Love them!

Have a peaceful weekend!

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