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  Trauma, Behavior and Social Emotional Learning Specialist

  Leadership & Teamwork Expert

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Creator of The Social Emotional AlphabetTM
                             Keynote Presenter, Author, Thought Leader

Heidy LaFleur is a vibrant, positive and common sense leader with an explosive passion for helping people understand trauma, teamwork & the critical importance of social emotional learning. She is an author, a forever teacher, former school administrator and most importantly, a mother who lives the trauma and mental health cycle with her family. She wakes up every morning to spread the message that our job is to make EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY child.

Heidy's new book IS HERE!

Soaring Balloons & Heavy Shackles beautifully intermingles Heidy’s Social Emotional Alphabet™ with trauma research to untangle the mysteries of human behavior. All behavior is communication and behavior is an avenue to be seen, heard, understood & validated. The problem is that we often take behavior personally and try to fix undesired behavior with fear & punishment. Instead, this book reveals the necessary tools to recognize the why behind behavior & offers perspective and teaching on how we can be part of the solution. The goal is not to fix people, instead the goal is to guide them on their journeys by building and maintaining trusting & positive relationships. It is through those relationships we uncover that our stories explain the why behind behavior. Research clearly shows that trauma changes the landscape and functioning of the brain, but so does healing. The impact of your Actions, Words & Expressions (AWE) determines your power to help them soar, or add weight to their shackles.  It’s often said that there is no guide for parents & educators…that is until now. 

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