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The Social Emotional AlphabetTM

The ABCs of Making EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY Child

Every letter of the Social Emotional AlphabetTM represents a practical & powerful strategy to help our kids who have been traumatized, feel misunderstood or take frequent detours from what’s expected. Leave with more than 26 SEL strategies to build relationships with every child regardless of behavior.  Gain perspective on self-regulation & self-care used to guide behavior and control what you can control.  Come see what that magic is so you can make EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY child.


  • Gain 26+ strategies (full day) to use when working with hard to reach students                        in in need of social emotional help

  • Challenge your perspective to understand you have everything it takes to                                 work with ALL kids

  • Leave with the true “magic wand” when working with ALL kids...your AWE

Available as a full day (4-5 hours) & half day (2.5 hours)

Understand my Brain.

Understand my Behavior.

​Turning Trauma Research into Practice

In order to take our situations from chaos to calm we welcome awareness between brain health and behavior by connecting the Social Emotional AlphabetTM to trauma-brain research. All past experiences, circumstances & stories determine physical and emotional regulation which can be communicated through anger, defiance and misunderstood intent. Learning the art of responding rather than reacting starts with self-regulation skills, trauma-brain awareness and a proactive mindset that resets everyday. Using eight letters of Heidy’s Social Emotional AlphabetTM combined with the research of Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Lori Desautels, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Brené Brown & others you will gain necessary insight into the why behind behavior and learn what you can control with your Actions, Words & Expressions (AWE).


  • Leave with an understanding of how the brain works and strategies we can                           follow to help kids become available to learn & take care of ourselves at the same time

  • Focus on eight letters of the Social Emotional AlphabetTM partnered with brain-research       to take away informed strategies & perspectives

  • Be able to discuss the needs of our kids and plan for those needs rather than                      blame things out of our control

Available as a full day (4-5 hours) & half day (2.5 hours)


Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 5.42_edited.jpg

Pair this presentation with THOSE KIDS are OUR kids for a forever impact on your work. Bulk pricing discounts available for 50 or more.

Screen Shot 2024-03-03 at 1.09_edited.jpg

Pair this presentation with Soaring Balloons & Heavy Shackles to master how trauma impacts the brain and realize that they are having a hard time, not giving you a hard time. Bulk pricing discounts available for 50 or more.

The Language Progression to AVOID Power Struggles & BUILD Relationships
​10 Tools to Proactively Guide Kids These Days

The following tools and their themes will take us on a learning  journey to avoid pitfalls of power struggling with students and instead build strong and trusting relationships to guide them to success: Believe They’re Doing the Best They Can (Boundaries make us Builders, not Busters), Use Solution Language (Look in the Mirror), Listen to Learn (Help others feel Seen, Heard, Understood & Validated), Rethink Resistance (No One is Trying to make your Life Miserable), Control the Controllables (What am I Afraid Of?), Understand the Triangles, (Where is the Student & What can They Access?) I “Hear” You Loud & Clear (Is the Cortex Open for business?), Feedback is Information for Growth (Creating the Culture), Fair is Not Equal (It’s Not Giving Them What They Want. It’s Giving Them What They Need.) & Regulating Yourself (Is Your AWE Bringing You Peace?)


  • ​Take away 10+ tools to avoid power struggles

  • Learn language to build relationships and be able to lead difficult conversations around behavior

  • Continue to develop perspective that success looks different for every child

                                                                                                                   Available as a half day (2.5 hours)


You're not JUST an Assistant, You are Da Bomb!

​Educational Support Professionals - The Backbone of any System

If you stop and think about how many adults impact OUR kids' experiences each day they enter school, practice, rehearsal, etc., it is intense. It is not the responsibility of the administration, nor the special education department, nor the social workers to fix THOSE kids. Instead it is a collective responsibility to guide OUR Kids. Often, we overlook the importance of the attitude, perspective and mindset of the Education Support Personnel who seem disguised, but are a strong part of the backbone of school culture. Education Support Personnel consist of teaching assistants, office staff, crossing guards, lunch staff, recess supervisors, school nurses, resource officers, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance and grounds team, and any other people who work in the presence of kids.

We will spent time learning about the why behind behavior, how you can be proactive in dealing with it & walk away with your head held high knowing your significance. 



  • Learn over 15 strategies to acknowledge behavior and respond too it rather than react to it​

  • Using vocabulary shifts and body language awareness, leave knowing how to be proactive with tough behaviors

  • Develop perspective & tools as we work through real-life scenarios with kids and adults alike

                                                                                                          Available as a full day (4-5 hours) & half day (2.5 hours)

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