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Reacting vs. Responding to Behavior - How 60 Seconds can Change a Life

In our trauma-filled world, our kids want to be seen, heard, validated and understood as they communicate with us through behavior. Allowing our kids to have a voice produces desired behavior. When we shut it down, undesired behavior is the outcome…60 seconds is the difference. Using the The Social Emotional Alphabet, leave knowing that Acknowledgement must come before Accusation, Behavior is a Bonfire, Compassion comes before Curriculum, kids need a Hexagon of Hope & together, we must Practice Perspective. 

Featuring letters A, B, C, H, P

Consequence vs. Punishment Mindset

Behavior is an attempt to communicate. Our response back is communication as well. If we want to change behavior, we model, teach and help students grow their coping skills for life; we consequence. If we want to feel instant gratification that the child “needs to pay” for his/her/their actions; we punish. Learn the difference between consequence mindset and punishment mindset and realize people become defiant for a reason. Together, realize there’s a difference between Defiant & Deficient students, we must Empower over Ego,  give Feedback with Feeling, provide Golden Greetings, honor one's Journey without Judgement, be Open to Opposition & Value Vulnerability.

Featuring letters D, E, F, G, J, O, V

Keep Them in Class - Defining Unsafe Behavior

Regulating oneself is the first step to de escalating behavior & building relationships with OUR kids. Often, safe behavior can be annoying, but should not warrant a student being removed from class. We will define safe vs. unsafe behavior, discuss what to say and do when students communicate through undesired behavior & “be a VERB” in order to problem solve. Be sure to show Interest before Instruction, realize the power in siLent Listening, give Kindness to every Kid, Nevertheless Negotiate to keep kids in class, know this is a very Meaningful Mission & use Questions to Quiet and calm.

Featuring Letters I, L, K, N, M, Q

Those Kids

As educators, we have no control over how OUR kids come, where they come from, and how much guidance and love they’ve received in their lives. Navigate parts of my book, THOSE KIDS are OUR kids with me as I break down the trauma cycle and share behavior brain research to guide us, as educators, to make EVERY day the BEST day for EVERY child.

Be sure to acknowledge Relationships before Rigor, be human by being Sorry, so Sorry, Tell Them your story, Wonder What happened to them, be eXtra fleXible in all you do, know they’ll get there if you practice Yes to Yet and believe Zilch Zero tolerance models equity over equality.

Featuring Letters R, S, T, W, X, Y, Z

The Social Emotional Alphabet - rapid fire

Each letter of the Social Emotional Alphabet is highlighted in rapid fire form with strategies to use when working with tough behavior.

Featuring A SNEAK PEEK AT ALL 26 letters

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