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Better the ball LEADERSHIP

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Leadership is the organization, management, motivation, expectations, relationships, and the growth of PEOPLE and as leaders, we can never forget that.

Better the Ball Leadership uniquely guides people to validate their stories, recognize their trauma, realize how it impacts their behavior and gives them permission to be HUMAN, not just an employee. Using the Leadership Social Emotional AlphabetTM, Heidy will take your group from bettering themselves, to bettering the whole. 

Heidy offers leadership & teamwork development workshops for people who are

fiercely determined to be the difference, together.


Nationally Recognized Keynote Speaker

Former School Principal
Forever Teacher
John P. McGovern Award
Double D Award - Drake University
Division I College Athlete
Hall of Fame - Wahlert High School
State Volleyball Champion

She's not just a national thought leader, teacher, speaker & author...she's a HUMAN. 

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